Calgary Business Connections Association


The Calgary Business Connections Association brings together a select group of business owners operating in the Calgary marketplace in a weekly luncheon meeting environment. Networking without the hastle, Coaching without the contract, Working on your business with people who are not working you over. Come out today and for the price of a meal experience an environment that will help you flourish.


Who We Are

We are a non profit association that supports creating visualizing and implementing ideas to maximize value and business connections for our members.

{ Membership }

Membership Fees

• $60.00 per year payable January 01 (must be paid before or at the first weekly meeting)
• Prorated New Memberships at $5.00 per Month. Example: Start membership in September pay $5.00 @ 4 months = $20.00
• $22.00 per meeting includes meal, beverage and tip.

Our fees our low because we are not a for-profit networking group.  We are a group of likeminded business people helping each other.  Membership dues go toward website and Meetup fees.


• Must provide photo and profile write-up for CBCA website
• Must join the CBCA Facebook page
• Must join the CBCA Meetup Group
• Must have a business that can receive and give referrals
• Must maintain membership in good standing
o Must have annual and meeting dues up to date
o Must attend a minimum of 80% of the weekly meetings


Why Join CBCA

• Reserve Your Industry Seat, No Conflicting Duplications of Professions
• Affordable Annual Membership and Meeting Dues
• Great Exposure Weekly Meetings, CBCA Web Site, Facebook Page and Group, Meet Up
• Grow Your Online Testimonials
• Business Building Seminars and Workshops
• Peer to Peer Success Coaching
• Build Your Marketing & Sales Skills
• Quarterly Referral Review

Membership Application


{ Time & Place }

Boomtown Pub & Patio

135 Southland Dr SE
Calgary, Alberta

Every Wednesday
From 12:30pm - 2pm